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Whether you’re hosting a glorious hometown wedding or luxe destination affair in New York City, Coordinated To Perfection will help you make it practically perfect.

“Simone’s Professionalism, Flexibility, kindness, and creativity was exactly what we needed. As a groom who was very busy working while things were being planned the wedding would not have been able to be as wonderful as it was without her.”


Simone is a design virtuoso. She’ll take your wildest ideas and transform them into a dazzling décor plan that whisks you and your guests away to an intimate retreat.

If you’re fascinated with countless photos on Pinterest and feel that the endless flow of design inspiration is leaving you without a clear direction, Simone can help.

She will pull together a cohesive design concept based on your unique style, preferences and inspiration. Then, the CTP team will implement the entire concept for you, handling everything from vendor procurement and décor selection to floral arrangements, rental management and décor set-up on the day of your event.

In the end, you get a captivating design that’s more spectacular than you imagined without getting bogged down by the logistics of how to make it happen.

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The ambiance is electrifying, the details are spectacular, the dance floor is packed and the guests insist it’s the best event they’ve ever been to.

This is your Planned to Perfection wedding.

From start to finish, Simone and her team will support you in hosting a remarkably elegant or luxurious wedding without the stress and overwhelm that consumes most couples who go it alone.

This service was designed for couples who:

  • Have a flourishing career and social life with little time for minutia
  • Fantasize about a luxe NYC wedding, but aren’t sure how to pull it off
  • Want a fashionable event with personal, sentimental meaning
  • Don’t want to spend their entire engagement pre-occupied with wedding logistics

Imagine waking up on the day of your wedding, fully rested, surprisingly relaxed and hopelessly immersed in the joy of the moment. You’ve spent the last 12 months savoring every minute of your engagement, rather than stressing about the logistics of the wedding day. You’re bursting with anticipation to see how it all came together, knowing that the creative vision was yours, along with all the key decisions. You got your day your way and didn’t worry for one second because you had Simone by your side.

Make this experience your reality with the Planned to Perfection service.

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If you’re an out-of-town couple who longs for the glamour of a New York City wedding, but have no idea what your options and resources are, you’re in good hands.

Simone has lived in New York all her life. Her and her team have the local relationships and insider scoop to help you host a show-stopping event that will give you and your guests the Big Apple experience you crave.

CTP has supported destination clients from Michigan to DC and beyond in planning their ideal New York wedding.

From the development of an exquisite design concept and intricate wedding plan to the execution of the entire event, including décor set up, vendor coordination, day-of management and more, Simone and her team will make your destination dream practically effortless.

In the end, you’ll feel like a glamorous New Yorker, if only for a day.

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Planning a fabulous wedding on your own and need to ensure it goes off without a hitch?

Tap into Simone’s planning genius and get her team SIX weeks before your wedding and for a day too!

Imagine having a 10+ year NYC event planning veteran looking over your shoulder to help you fine tune your own personal wedding plan to ensure there are no potential disasters waiting to happen while also getting exclusive access to some of her best insider secrets for hosting a practically flawless event.

That’s what you get with the Coordinated to Perfection service. Simone will personally review your wedding timeline/plan and identify any gaps or conflicts that could result in issues on your big day. She’ll also share with you her personal rolodex of top notch wedding professionals and offer any guidance you may need for those few remaining tasks on your list.

Then, you’ll relax, kick back and have a blast the entire day of your wedding while the CTP team tends to every detail, including vendor relations, décor supervision and event management.

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